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Spousal Support

How is child and spousal support different?
Child support is for the maintenance of the child while spousal support is granted for the maintenance of a spouse.

How is the need for spousal support determined?
There are multiple factors the court looks at. Speak with an attorney in our office to assess the facts in your case.

For how long can a court grant spousal support?
As long as the court deems just and reasonable.

Can a spouse still obtain spousal support after remarrying?
Often the court will end spousal support if the spouse receiving support remarries.

Are men ever granted spousal support, and if so when?
Yes, the court uses the same factors as it does when assessing spousal support for women.

Can the division of assets & debts affect my support?
It can. Speak with an attorney at our office about the assets and debts both parties will likely be responsible for after the divorce.