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Can I be granted maternity if I am not the biological parent?

It depends. Ultimately a court will look at the law and the surrounding facts and circumstances to decide who is the parent(s) of the child. It's best to speak to an attorney to see whether you have a strong or weak case.

Can I be granted maternity if I am the surrogate mother?
In very rare circumstances the court will declare that the surrogate mother is the legal parent of the child. It's best to speak with a legal specialist who will assess the facts surrounding the surrogacy and help present the strongest case.

Are there any legal risks if I undergo In Vitro Fertilization?
Sometimes. Speak with an attorney to review any legal documents and the terms to the agreements.

If my partner gave birth but I donated the egg, am I still the mother?
It depends on the facts of the case and may depend on the jurisdiction you live in. Speak with an attorney to help review the issues with you.

Who has the right to custody of an extra marital child?
A child born during the marriage is presumed to be the child of the married couple. However, the courts in Arizona will assess what is in the child's best interest when determining custody.

Can post humous children inherit from a deceased parent?
It depends on what the deceased in Arizona specifically stated in a will or trust or whether a will and trust does not exist. Speak with an attorney at our office about the facts of your case.